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We have a “Registration Process” which can take up to 24 hours to complete, The reason this process is here is to protect the site and our members from “Hackers” and many types of abuse that can happen on the Internet.

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About this web site:
A Spiritual Centre is God’s place. One’s input into the Centre is to service the physical side of living, and to be a channel for God. As in healing etc. the channel is important and sacred. So with the Centre – the channel provided by those who work in the Centre is important and sacred.

While the main ethos of this site is spiritual and it is set up on the behest of Spirit it is hoped that it will provide a ladder for those whose spiritual awareness is as yet undefined. Whilst the beliefs of everyone will be respected this site does not subscribe to any religions but should there be a requirement for such accommodation we will endeavor to provide it, perhaps in an annex, in order to facilitate those who are endeavoring to find their spirituality through religious practices. There will be no basement to accommodate witchcraft of any form or for practices that are aligned in anyway with witchcraft.

This Spiritual Centre and the site has been designed as a central point for Spiritual Studies and Practices, We provide these services in order to help progress Spiritual Growth and many of the services are completely free.

“The greatest fear is ignorance.
The greatest gift is release from fear.
Wisdom is that gift.
Reject wisdom and remain fearfully ignorant
Accept wisdom and become truly free”.

Our Mission The Irish Spiritual Centre (Now the “International Spiritual Centre” was established in 1984, in the name of God (The Spirit), to assist in His work on Earth

This site is primarily a central point for “Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual growth. In order to do this we have incorporated “Alternative Services” in the hope that it may lead people to a point where they will be made aware of the choice’s that are available to us in this life a choice that many are unaware of and the confusion and lack of awareness of Spirituality.

“Alternative Services”
Are provided as a “Service” The “International Spiritual Centre provide these listings as exactly that “Alternative” and while we vet them as best we can before inclusion, the content is dynamic and controlled by the “Service Providers” Not us. We in no way accept any “Liability, Responsibility, Condone or Approve their methods or beliefs  for their individual services but offer them to you with some guidance.

The Irish Spiritual Centre for Spiritual Studies and Practices (Founded 1984)

Brendan O’Callaghan is the Founder and Principal of the:

Although Brendan O’Callaghan is the founder and owner of this web site, We have to cover the costs of running the web site, from a management and Marketing perspective and we encourage people to advertise on this web site we treat the web site similar to a “Bricks and Mortar” Center where we have a building with lots of office space to be filled and we want to fill the space with “Spiritual Services” and also with other services, we call “Alternative” and we have to realistically use the monies raised from advertising, the purchase of downloads, Writings and various merchandise to pay the bills and provide support for the maintenance of the web site.

Brendan, has the ultimate say on what content is placed here and the direction “Marketing take”. Brendan’s focus is on promoting “Spirituality” and making “Spirituality” available on a Global scale via the use of the Internet. Our focus on this is to Free up Brendan’s time to allow him to do that, and we Marketing focus on the rest which includes the initial building of the site, ongoing development and maintenance, as well as ongoing content development.

Please email marketing below if you have any questions: marketing@internationalspiritualcentre.com


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  1. cbeckman says:

    Thank you Beryl–‘God loves a tryer’, so I join you. I’m determined to make this site familiar to me. Thank you Brendan and all of you for bringing this, and for all your inspirations.

  2. whitesky says:

    Hello everyone, I just joined and look forward to being part of this site. Hope I do things right :0

  3. jennybeltonkelly says:

    Morning Tried to pay for my Meditation this morning but could not get it to accept my password Thanks

  4. AnnieDoyle says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Sorry that you’ve had problems.
    I have made a few changes and tested it and its ok now.
    Please let me know if you have any more problems


  5. Laura Bond says:

    Hi al could you post me a new password the old password is not letting me log in s o i can change to new site

  6. Judith says:

    I logged in to find the introduction to meditation, I have looked but cant seem to find it, can anyone help Thank you. Judith

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